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Taking care of yourself should be a first priority, which is why it should be a part of your morning routine. A morning routine rooted in self-care is the perfect way to set up a mindful and happy day. This doesn’t mean taking a long luxurious bubble bath every morning or giving yourself a spa treatment every day. Having a self-care morning routine simply requires being more mindful and starting the day off right. Here are some easy ways to create a simple self-care morning routine:

Take Your Time

Starting off your morning shouldn’t be a rush job. This is the time you need to focus on a healthy mentality and starting your day with intention. In order to take your time in the morning, start waking up an hour or so earlier than normal. By going through your morning routine at a leisurely pace, you’ll be able to reap all the calming benefits. Not rushing through your morning can decrease stress throughout your day and promote wellness.

Stay Away From Electronics 

One major distraction that can put a damper on your morning is your phone, turning on your TV, or using your laptop. Mindlessly scrolling through apps, websites, and shows will put a hindrance on your morning and keep you from focusing on yourself. In order to have a mindful morning routine, stay off your electronics. 

Get Some Morning Movement

It’s important to get your body moving and blood flowing at the beginning of the day. Morning movement can promote wellness throughout the day and put you in the right mindset. Take a fifteen-minute walk around the block, squeeze in a quick yoga session, or a stretching routine. This will help you meditate and activate your body. 

Have a Morning Drink 

Having a hot cup of coffee, tea, smoothie, or even an iced latte in the morning should be like a ritual. Create a morning drink ritual you love that will make your mind and body feel good. This small act can greatly improve your day and set a peaceful tone for the morning. Take the time to savor and enjoy your favorite drink by tuning into smell, sound, touch, sight senses.