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Everyone is well aware of the importance of keeping their body clean by eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, and regularly exercising. Unfortunately, society and the health and wellness world don’t advocate mind detox strategies nearly as much as physical body solutions. To use the train analogy, the brain is the engine and the body is the caboose. In other words, the mind leads the health of the body, a fact that many people overlook in this day and age.


5 Effective Ways to Detox The Mind


  1. Become More Patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the saying goes. A healthy mind and mental state takes time to build correctly. During the daily grind, it is important to practice and cultivate patience towards all things. If a person is stuck in traffic, waiting for their food order to come, or are waiting for an important phone call, the common approach to all of these scenarios should be a patient mind.


  1. Move Your Body – A stagnate and sedentary body leads to a stagnate and sedentary mind. The brain’s hormonal systems and reward systems are directly wired into the rest of the body. Exercise has been proven to cause the brain to release dopamine and other important hormones and neurochemicals that it needs to stay happy and healthy.


  1. Clean Your Physical Surroundings – Numerous credible scientific research studies have proven that a cluttered environment can weigh heavily on a person’s mental state. On the contrary, a clean, sterile, and minimalized physical surrounding can help to boost a person’s mood, mental focus, energy levels, and even their sexual appetite.


  1. Be More Accepting – Whether it be more acceptance of the self, others, a bad situation, or other problematic areas of life, acceptance is a great way to take unnecessary pressure off of the mind. Negative judgments fill the mind with negative energy. Becoming more accepting of life’s many quirks makes the journey of life more enjoyable.


  1. Authentic Emotional Connections – Human beings are highly social creatures. The human brain and neurological reward system is designed to receive social feedback and stimulation. Cultivating real and authentic emotional connections with others can greatly enrich a person’s life, sense of purpose, and improve their overall self-worth.