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When you think of Philadelphia food your mind automatically goes to the cities very own Philadelphia Cheesesteak, but Philly is full with hidden gems that come from all different cultures and all types of eating styles, some that include meat and some that do not. Believe it or not, a city that gravels over cheesesteak also has a huge vegan restaurant option! Here are some of the best places to check out in Philly if you want to try a vegan dish, even if you aren’t vegan all the time.


Honest Toms Plant Based Taco Shop

Everyone loves a good taco, no matter what city you live in. Honest Tom’s is new cooking all vegan food since they just made the switch to plant based in 2018, but it has been a hit with many of the locals and students that roam the streets of center city Philadelphia. You can get tacos filled with walnuts, lentils, plantains, and chickpeas. Whatever your vegan preference is, Honest Tom’s has it and is sure to make you a great Mexican dish, where you won’t miss the meat.


Mama’s Vegetarian

Philadelphia is filled with middle eastern restaurant and food trucks, from small sit down restaurants to food trucks that fill college campuses, everyone loves a middle eastern dish. Mama’s Vegetarian is no different and some consider it Philly’s best falafel. Although not entirely vegan, Mama’s vegetarian is not somewhere you want to skip out on if you’re looking for a great healthy meal in the city.


Wiz Kid

This is a quick serve food spot that takes on the Philly cheesesteak, but in a vegan style. They fill their “cheesesteaks” with foods like fried onions, mushrooms, pickled peppers and rutabaga, which is in place of the “whiz.” Stop here if you’re craving something light, but still want a filling meal that doesn’t have the calories of an actual Philly cheesesteak. They also have bean and veggie salads that are a huge hit.


Sweet Freedom Bakery

If you are looking for an allergen-free bakery, Sweet Freedom is where you should stop. They have multiple locations and specify in deserts that are vegan, non-dairy, and gluten-free. You can have all the sweets you’d like without putting yourself in an unhealthy situation and avoiding not only empty calories but refined sugars, corn, wheat, peanuts, and soy.


If you are looking to try new foods, whether you are vegan or not, Philadelphia is a great place to start. With the mix of so many different cultures, you will always find something you like.